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Males, as well as females, sit on the eggs until they hatch, which can take 42 to 46 days.

Ostrich offspring are larger than any other bird baby. The males and females share the responsibility of taking care of the young, according to the San Diego Zoo.

Cut it.' In the newly unveiled footage, producers then separately asked Corrine and De Mario 'can I see you for a minute?

' Obviously the rest of the cast were confused with what was going on as contestent Danielle M described the chaos as she said: 'The whole cast is shocked and confused.'Filming was halted in early June after alleged sexual contact between Corinne and 30-year-old De Mario when they were in a pool together.

ultimately found there was no wrongdoing by either of them in the incident that sparked a scandal.

Ostriches are large, flightless birds that have long legs and a long neck that protrudes from a round body.

The group has a dominant male and a dominant female and several other females. To get a female's attention, males bow and flap their wings outward to display their plumage.

When they are ready to mate, the male's beak and shins will turn bright red.

The new Bachelor In Paradise trailer has revealed the first footage of Corinne Olympios and Demario Jackson's hookup as well as the production shutdown.

The controversial clip was aired at the very end of The Bachelorette's After The Final Rose special on Monday night.

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