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An extensive list of References and Resources is provided below.Secret sexual or intimate online relationships constitute an affair even when they involve neither actual intercourse nor oral sex nor actual physical contact.They also adopt theories and research generated by sociologists, anthropologists and evolutionary psychologists.However, some authors adopt a moralistic and rigid view of affairs.During their professional careers, most marriage and couples psychotherapists have dealt with marital crises brought about by affairs.While extramarital affairs are very common, couples psychotherapists are often uninformed about how to address the infidelity crisis.This paper emphasizes the importance of understanding the nature and context of each affair and each couple so that healing and resolution can be achieved.

These couples do not face a crisis when the infidelity is exposed.The professional literature in the last couple of decades has provided increasingly helpful information and assistance to therapists by presenting statistics and data, mapping the complexities of marital infidelity and articulating helpful models to assist couples through the crisis.Many authors in this area ground their work in Systems Theory, Family Systems, sex research, personality theory and Social Psychology.They shy away from blame and focus on issues of intimacy, communication, expectations, agreements and conflict management in the marriage.They look carefully at the familial legacy of each partner and pay attention to the phases of the marriage, i.e., years of marriage, ages of children, empty nest phase, etc.

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