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When we moved to Cloudflare as our CDN, their service is intimately coupled with DNS, so we demoted our BIND boxes out of production and handed off DNS to Cloudflare..Fastly doesn’t provide DNS service, so we were back on our own in that regards and our search for a new DNS provider began.

This is because we have a worldwide audience, so just looking at data from the United States is not sufficient.We use it to manage our domains with our own BIND servers, as well as Route 53, Google Cloud DNS,, Cloudflare, and more.D(“”, REG_NAMEDOTCOM, Dns Provider(R53), Dns Provider(GCLOUD), A(“@”, “”), A(“blog”, “”), CNAME(“chat”, “chat.”), CNAME(“www”, “@”, TTL(3600)), A(“meta”, “”) ) This is just a small, simple example.The DSL is a fully-featured way to express your DNS config.It is actually just javascript with some helpful functions.

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