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You’ll get photos, emails, maybe even a phone call or two and she’s starting to fall in love with you and is They want to come see you but they need money for a visa and they just can’t afford it. Manti Te’o – a college football star, someone who presumably could have his pick of available women – was suckered in by a (fake) pretty face and a clever line of drama… Four members of the Washington Redskins were all deceived by the same “woman”, as were a number of other professional athletes and entertainers.And of course, filmmaker Nev Schulman waswomen who were all scammed by one “Sebastian Pritchard Jones”, while many others were defrauded by a young woman posing as Elijah Wood’s male cousin.Some of the most visible cases of catfishing come from would-be pranksters.Manti Te’o is the current and most famous example; much of the evidence seems to point that he was duped by Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, an acquaintance of his.This is especially true amongst gay and transgendered individuals who have adopted fake identities online; they don’t have any malicious intent, they just fear the rejection (or in many cases, actual physical danger) that could come from confessing their feelings directly to the object of their affection.

The majority of people on dating sites are genuinely trusting and generous souls – so naturally there will be predators looking to take advantage of them.

The trolls would watch with glee as the horde of confused single guy descended upon the location, only to find out that they had been duped.

(Spoiler alert: the prank didn’t go off as planned.

A variation of this scam is the “Foreign women want to meet YOU! It’s only gullible fools who get caught up by fakers like this. There’s nobody easier to fool than somebody who’s convinced that they’re immune to being fooled – and likes to believe they can spot a fake or a con a mile away.

” caper; a dating agency proposes to put you in contact with various women from foreign countries – usually Eastern European but not always – who are looking for American or European boyfriends and husbands. Or she needs to show proof that she has the means to travel in order to get a travel visa and could you please wire her 00… And yet, the people who have been catfished come from just about every possible age, gender and group.

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