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Google offers 15GB of free Drive storage, while One Drive and Dropox offer five, and two gigabytes of free storage space respectively.

These Google Drive links, as well as links to those of other cloud storage services, are then shared by people on select subreddits, forums, and Facebook groups.

Over the past two weeks, Gadgets 360 located over a dozen Facebook groups where people openly share such files and request more movies and TV shows.

These groups on social media are crucial for people who are using Drive to distribute files.

It turns out that the pirates found a simple workaround - the videos are simply uploaded as unlisted, so they don't turn up in search results.

The links to these videos are then shared as Google Drive links through discussion forums and other channels so it's difficult for the content owners to find the videos and get them taken down.

What's interesting though is that while at times pirates upload full movies to Google Drive or other cloud services, in other cases, these Google Drive links are empty and just have a You Tube video embedded.

The company on its part introduced hash matching, a mechanism to detect infringing content, earlier this year.

Cloud storage services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Kim Dotcom's Mega are some of the popular ones that are being used to distribute copyrighted content, according to DMCA takedown requests reviewed by Gadgets 360.There's no search engine to scan through and find relevant Google Drive or entries from other cloud storage services.This makes it hard for copyright holders to find the links, while they remain easy to distribute.There were less than a dozen requests pointing to Dropbox and One Drive each.Popular video sites You Tube, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are also being abused by distributing and hosting illicit content, DMCA takedown requests reveal, but the volume of such requests again implies that they are not being as widely used.

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