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"In its current form, the Web is a largely uninhabited world, where people can only see each others' artifacts and the vast majority of us never leave an imprint on our favorite sites.One True Fan was born out of two ideas: 1) experiences are better when shared and 2) changing human behavior is next to impossible.

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* Connect with your Skabble friends through audio and video! - own virtual pets - go on virtual dates - betting & party games - quests & treasure hunts" (Homepage) (New Homepage) A browser plugin that lets you meet people on web pages. Discover people with similar interests, browse the Internet with them, chat live with them, make new friends, expand your social network. It has a forum like discussions for all web sites, and a Web Widget (Homepage) Chat Live on any Web Page... Xpanity Chat Panel™ is a real-time chat add-on you can open alongside any page you visit.They walk left and right and chat in chat balloons.(Homepage) One True Fan brings to light the communities that already exist at your favorite sites. Install us on your site and get everyone to show up.A Firefox extension is also available (Homepage) (Screenshot) Chatsum is a FREE add-on for your web browser that lets you chat with all the other Chatsum users that are looking at the same website as you.Chatsum lets you: * Chat live with other people who are looking at the same website as you!

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