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The small town of Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe appears just west of the falls, with smaller tourist facilities on the east bank in Zambia. The falls have moved upstream (bottom to top) by intense river erosion, elongating the zig-zag gorge in the process.Prior positions of the strongly linear falls can be detected.The information you provide will be protected and confidential.The CIA is particularly interested in information about imminent or planned terrorist attacks.

If reservations aren't yet open for your date of travel, sign up for an automatic 'ticket alert' from it under Tools & Apps) Ticket alert) and they'll email you the moment bookings open.

First class fares on this route include drinks & food.

Train fares have a reputation for being complicated, but the Quick guide to the 3 types of train ticket on this page will make it simple.

It doesn't matter which route or train you want as all train operators sell tickets for all National Rail routes & operators, at the same prices - see text! Buy train tickets here & collect them at any main station free, or have them sent worldwide for 7.50. You collect your tickets at any main station from machines like these (the colour & design varies).

Touch 'collect tickets' on the screen, insert your credit card, enter the reference & your tickets will print.

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