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Americans say they don’t like talking about money: About 70% say talking about personal money matters in a social setting is rude or inappropriate, according to a 2015 survey from Ally Bank And about two-thirds of adults don’t write out a budget at all. But there are also new money-saving movements shy away from traditional words like “frugal,” “budgeting” and “cheap,” and opt for fresher terms like “financial freedom,” “early retirement” and “minimalism,” that make saving money sound cool and attracting cult-like followings in the process.It’s a similar shift to one in the weight-loss industry in recent years: Weight Watchers ditched the word “diet” from its program in 2015, in favor of a “holistic” program called “Beyond the Scale.” Gyms and fitness centers have also switched from promising weight loss to promoting health and emotional benefits.Please reference the [General Discussion Rules]( Ovn V-10182016-official-gd-rules) for more clarity.

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That’s why she didn’t use it when she wrote an essay about the importance of saving that more than one million people have read since it was published on a website called “The Billfold” in January 2016.

But she said the words we use when talking about money and saving do matter.

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