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BISHOP LEWIS LARSEN: If you were to look across the general spectrum of single adults, the trend in America is not to even marry at all but to cohabitate. SEVERSON: If there’s any doubt, talk to some of the singles here. I know that man was not meant to be alone, nor was woman, but that we complement one another. BEVERLI JO DEWALT: My grandma offered to find someone to pay someone to date me, because she was fairly convinced I was not able to do that on my own.

PROFESSOR BRAD WILCOX: Mormonism is the marriage religion.

Since serving a church mission, many young Mormons in the DC area have spent their time pursuing advanced degrees.

Beverli Jo De Walt has been working on a career at the State Department.

When your children die, they will be united with you as a family and that the family unit continues on, and I know that that’s a concept that is not generally taught in the Christian world, but it’s very sacredly held concept in Mormonism.

SEVERSON: Marriage has always been a sacred principle of the Mormon Church, but it took on an added dimension when church president Thomas Monson, who is considered a modern-day prophet, expressed alarm at the church’s most recent general conference that not enough members are getting married.

SEVERSON: One high church leader suggested that in looking for a mate, young Mormons like Steve should stop reaching for a “10.“ LARSEN: It’s my job as bishop is to bring a little reality on this, that what they thought they were going to marry probably never did exist. Some might be a little overweight, some might be losing their hair, and that doesn’t mean that they are not a fantastic person.

This is Bishop Lewis Larsen, who leads a congregation of older singles aged 31 to 55. I think I’ve been ready for a long time, but I haven’t been plucked from the vine yet.SEVERSON: Sociology professor Brad Wilcox is director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia.He says the marriage rate in the US has seen a dramatic decline since the 1970s at a 14-fold increase in couples cohabiting.SEVERSON: How about you, Steve, what’s your excuse? SEVERSON: Steve Archibald is 28, has a master’s in accounting.ARCHIBALD: There’s definitely a lot of pressure to get married, but at the same time there’s not pressure to rush into any kind of decision. We’re doing our best to try and find the potential “10” out there.

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