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And don't get me started on the speech he gives in the middle of the ring at the end, I'm cringing just thinking about it.The reason Rocky 5 is not so popular, is that people were looking for a sequel to Rocky 4, not another sequel to Rocky 1.See more » At the press conference at the airport when Rocky returns to the states he is challenged by Union Cane for the title.Rocky gave up the title in Rocky IV to fight Drago in Russia, therefore he was not the champion, so for Union Cane to challenge him would have just been a regular fight not a championship one.

There isn't a referee in the world that wouldn't have stopped the contest 3 rounds in.

I have watched the rocky series probably 100 times each and if I had anything to do with making them, I would feel offended that Rocky V is rated lower than Rockys III and IV.

I feel that, going on best to worst, the order should be The original on top, followed by the second, then the fifth, then the third, with number 4 coming in last.

Yes, he was doing it to avenge his friends death, but why not avenge Apollo, and make 10 million at the same time which he could at least give to a charity?

The training sequence is stupid, why would there be any gyms at all if running up a mountain was better than all the best equipment available, mixed with steroids.

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