Dating inexperienced

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So for the first time in my life, I’m starting to have some luck dating.

I’m sticking to my workout and feel like I’m getting my life and career together.

There are things you absolutely should disclose before you sleep with someone for the first time—STD status, for example, or if you’re in an open relationship—but I don’t think that this is one thing that you have to disclose.

You might feel like there’s some sort of safety in a disclaimer.

If she’s inexperienced to the point of never having sex before, you definitely need to let HER be the one to decide when that’s going to happen.

2) By telling her “you’re rusty” or “it’s been a while” all you’re communicating is that you’re concerned that you won’t be able to satisfy her. You’re resigned to the fact that it will probably be “bad.” Instead of making a statement of “fact,” why not be proactive and open up a conversation that may clue you in to what When you get a good sense that you guys might be heading in that direction soon, capitalize on the topic of sex if and when it comes up: what she likes and doesn’t like; what you like and don’t like; fantasies; what works for her; what works for you; what she’s comfortable with; where her boundaries are; etc. Model for her the kind of direction and guidance you’d like to receive in the moment. And check in with her in the same way if she doesn’t reciprocate.

But also realize that it doesn’t matter how much intel you gather beforehand, a lot of times it takes more than once to “figure out” what works for new people.

He just cant seem to relax and has a hard time climaxing and I feel bad.

One good thing is he can go for a long time and can keep it up if you know what I mean.

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