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Nonetheless, the lower cost 25 MB package is extremely limited considering a standard Google search uses up to 79 KB alone.Regularly loading websites containing 1 GB of multimedia content could cost US$ 9 a day.Eliminate background noise and be heard clearly with the built-in noise-canceling microphone.The person you're chatting with will enjoy only clear, crisp audio - even without the use of a dedicated headset.Internet freedom declined in the past year as the government cracked down on antigovernment protests and the digital tools citizens used to organize them.Starting in the Oromo region in November 2015 as a protest against the authoritarian government’s plan to infringe on land belonging to the marginalized Oromia people, the movement spread across the country in the subsequent months, turning into unprecedented demonstrations seeking regime change and democratic reform.Simply plug it into your PC or Mac and you're all set.There's no need to install any drivers from a CD! Central 3 Lite software lets you capture and share HD 720p video on Facebook™ and You Tube® and much more.

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A handful of signal stations service the entire country, resulting in network congestion and frequent disconnection.

In a heavy-handed response, the authorities frequently shutdown local and national internet and mobile phone networks to prevent citizens from communicating about the protests.

Social media platforms and communications apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Skype, and IMO were also temporarily blocked at different times.

William Davison, Bloomberg’s Ethiopia correspondent, described the issue on Facebook in March 2016: “It cost me 44 birr (.05) to watch Al Jazeera's latest 3-minute dispatch on Oromo protests using 4G network on my phone, which is not that much less than the average daily wage of a daily laborer in Ethiopia.”Ethiopians can spend an average of US per month for limited mobile or fixed wireless internet access.

Better quality services in neighboring Kenya and Uganda cost less than US a month.

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