Are mars argo and titanic sinclair dating

Then hints to Monarch mind control appear in her videos and things get darker.

In My Phone is Not Plugged In, That Poppy talks into a phone that is clearly not plugged in, a classic symbol in Monarch Mind Control representing a slave controlled by a handler.

The second That Poppy represents the creation of an MK alter-persona.

The song is a pretty typical pop song - catchy, highly produced, with repetitive and memorable lyrics.The duo consisted of singer Mars who, like That Poppy, was a young blonde indie singer and Titanic Sinclar, the “mastermind” behind it all.Mars’ career, however, went to a screeching halt as the band dissolved and several videos deleted from the internet.Kind of like making a 30-minute video of a girl playing a tiny xylophone.In her early videos, That Poppy was somewhat ‘human’, expressive, and talked about music and being an artist.

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