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So Katie untied her red bikini top and bottom, and tossed them onto the hot concrete below.

After a while of laying there silently, Katie started to slowly drift off to sleep again. She was in her bedroom, and some guy was down between her legs, licking her shaved pussy.

Her eyebrows shot up in surprise and she screamed, “Bandit?! ” Before she could finish her sentence, Bandit’s tongue pushed deeper into her, and licked her g-spot, putting insane pressure on it.

Katie fell back into the chair and arched her back as Bandit’s magical tongue sent shivers of pleasure all over her body.

She felt her limbs begin to tense up, and she stretched her legs out as his licking got more and more intense.

Her juices were flowing out of her pussy at this point, and Bandit was licking them all up as fast as he could.

Yeah, she was not about to spend an entire day in a poor, crime filled part of town without her best pal with her.

“Maybe you’ll make this day somewhat bearable buddy.” She pet the big German Shepherd as he barked in response.

So Katie layed there, on the comfortable pool chair, hoping to eventually fall asleep. According to the clock, it was , about 4 hours after she fell asleep.Stories of girls going missing and never being found became increasingly common among her classmates. In high school, she spent pretty much her entire summer’s swimming and going to the pool with her friends.So a job as a lifeguard in college was pretty much her dream job.However, it was the weekend; and no one wanted to sit down at an empty pool all day doing nothing.So, as per usual, the duties that no one wanted to do were left to the newest employee; which unfortunately for her, was Katie.

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