Boundaries in dating quotes

Notice your initial genuine reaction to a circumstance, and resist the urge to squelch your opinion or preference.

4) “An important thing to remember about boundaries is that they exist, and they will affect us, whether or not we communicate them...

I'm much better at catching it now and actually in the past I was more prone to internalize unmet needs and become self-abusive, so my whining is actually progress! During that last week, I noticed a job posting at that organization for a marketing coordinator position, -- and lo-and behold, the marketing plan was listed there.

I appreciate your acknowledgement about 'gentle' people. The boss had already offered that job to someone else (a long time friend and volunteer of hers) Posting it was just a matter of protocol..interviews were done.

Is it something that the other adult can and should really be doing for themselves?

3) “Compliant people have fuzzy and indistinct boundaries; they ‘melt’ into the demands and needs of other people. They’ve been so other-focused, so chameleon-like, for so long.

But when they really love you --- they chew you up and spit you out into the garbage chute to thank you for your hard work and contributions to the company.

More recently, whereby I had to be firm with "NO" was last week.

I love the community and conversations that sprout up on my Facebook page, and the other day someone recommended the book Those of us who try to please others and meet their needs (while ignoring our own) often think that this will somehow make our lives better and safer, that people will love us more.How frustrating, then, that it doesn’t actually work this way.When our efforts to be excessively agreeable and accommodating backfire, we are often left feeling resentful and generally disappointed with life.The ostrich who sticks his head in the ground and keeps it there will eventually get run over by a bus.Though it feels like we’re avoiding unpleasant consequences by bending to the needs of others, things are sure to get worse, not better, in our relationships, life and even health if we don’t learn to live within our own boundaries.

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